Mesh Terms

In recent years a number of medical products companies have produced synthetic mesh for use in pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence surgery. Unfortunately, a large number of women have suffered from transvaginal surgery mesh complications caused by these synthetic mesh products. If you suffer from complications after surgery, please contact us for the latest surgery mesh recall information. Below are commonly used mesh terms.


Anterior repair vaginal wall surgical repair to correct weakened tissue in the anterior (front) vaginal wall. If surgery mesh is used it is placed between the bladder and vagina.
Apical repair surgical procedure to repair apical prolapse which is the downward displacement of the vaginal apex (uterus or cervix).
Colostomy surgical procedure where one end of the healthy colon is brought out through the abdomen wall and the bowel edges are then connected to the skin of the abdominal wall. A bag is then attached to the abdomen which allows stool to drain into the bag (referred to as a “stoma appliance”).
Colporrhaphy surgical repair of a problem or defect in the vaginal wall. Defects include cystocele and rectocele.
Dyspareunia pain occurring in the pelvic are either during or after sexual intercourse.
Mesh erosion serious complication involving the erosion of mesh through tissue and becomes exposed causing pain, bleeding or erosion into organs
Pelvic organ Prolapse a medical problem where the supporting tissue of the vagina weakens and normal support is decreased allowing surrounding organs to bulge into the vagina
Posterior repair surgical repair to treat a bulge or “prolapse” of the rectum into the vagina
Procidentia a prolapse where the uterus “drops” or goes from its normal position at the top of the vagina into the lower part of the vagina or into the vaginal opening
Rectocele a prolapse of the rectum that occurs when the tissue by separating the vagina from the rectum becomes weak and allows the front rectal wall to bulge into the vagina
Sacral colpopexy surgical repair aimed at correcting a prolapse of the vagina by attaching mesh to the top of the vagina and connecting it to the sacral promontory
Stress urinaryincontinence the involuntary loss of urine occurring while engaged in physical activities such as exercise, sneezing, laughing or sexual intercourse



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